Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Photo Bombs Away

I finally read the flickr terms and conditions and found out I can link images to this blog post as long as I link back to the original. I will, of course, but if I step on any toes posting a picture, please let me know and I will take it down.

That being said, here are some of my favorite photo bombs from the trip:

Wil Wheaton has been a consummate photo bomber throughout w00tstock. I'll start with this photo from snowymama

This photo is posted on the flickr here.

Wil must have passed on the photo bomb bug to his wife, Anne, who gives as good as he does. Here's the unsinkable Molly Lewis and Wil Wheaton:

(Speaking of Anne... well done Mr. Wheaton! The first time I saw her on the cruise I told my friends "people get plastic surgery to look as good as she does.")

The photo above was one of the many great ones posted by Atom Moore. The original was posted here and re-posted with permission. Coincidentally, Wil Wheaton posted another Atom Moore photo on his own blog this morning. So don't I feel like a copy cat now.

This one is particularly awesome because it features my new friend Jeff, the quest giver ghalidrim talked about.

That's Paul Sabourin of Paul and Storm and John Roderick of course. What a nice looking couple of beards. It's another great shot by Atom Moore; the original is here.

But when it comes to awesome beards, you can't get any better than the President of the Beardalos. Here is Atom Moore himself photo bombing a snap by bitsronaut.

The original flickr photo is here.

There's a lot more great photos on the jococruisecrazy flickr page. I'll be trolling it for a few more weeks, wishing I were back there.


  1. I had an argument with friends this weekend on whether trolling is the same as lurking on the internet. I maintain that it is. Plus, trolling has nautical ties.

  2. I just came across this blog the other day because Famous Tracy linked to it on Facebook. I came across this post and my first reaction was "Holy crap, that's me!" I'm the one that got photobombed in the last photo with Molly. I love reliving the cruise through all the blogs and flickr streams. Can't wait for JoCo Cruise Crazy 2!

  3. Hi Cindy,

    Thanks for reading! You're also in some of my favorite photos from the mustache formal, so you'll probably pop up again once I finally compose my post on that.